Bec, Tegan and Samatha from Keno volunteered on Operation Corkhill

Disaster Relief Australia | March 2021

keno volunteers reflections

Joining us on Operation Corkhill were Bec, Tegan and Smantha from Keno!

BEC FARRELL – I have been working with KENO for 4 years and I’m in the Port Macquarie Region. This is my second time working with DRA. In 2019 just after the bushfires I went to Willawarrin and that was a real eye opener. Over the last couple of days we have been cutting down lots of logs and clearing the area. It was so admirable to see so many Australians, just get out there and give up their time. It’s just amazing and you go away feeling very rewarded. Volunteering with DRA is very rewarding. The Australian Spirit!

TEGAN BAKER – I have been with KENO for 3 years and I cover the South Coast of NSW. This is my first deployment with DRA and it’s definitely been the experience of a lifetime. We have become bush cutting pros! We have become skilled at machinery that we will take with us forever…that’s for sure. It’s been really good to give back to local Communities who have been suffering hard after these bushfires. Even 12 months on, it’s just really hard to see how much they are dragging behind after the rest of the World has moved on, so it’s just nice to give back a little bit. What would I say to someone thinking of joining DRA? Do it! The sweat, the heat – it’s all worth it. You just feel good for yourself and them, by coming here and giving back.

SAMANTHA WALSH – I have been with KENO for 3 years and work in the Sydney Office. This has been my first time working with DRA and despite all the spiders on us it’s been great! Highlights of Op – these people have lost their livelihoods and you don’t realise that until you get out here. We spoke to the lady who lives here and she had lost photos from the 1800’s of her family tree and you can’t ever get that back, but being able to come here and help her means everything. Would I encourage others to join DRA? Absolutely do it. It’s so rewarding for yourself and for the people you help.