In Response to: Devastating bushfires

Location: Cudlee Creek, SA

Completed: 18 Jan, 2020 – 22 Mar, 2020

cudlee creek bushfire recovery statistics


Op Hannaford began on the 13th of Jan 2020 in Lobethal SA, after the fires in the Adelaide Hills region destroyed 86 houses and damaged over 160 more, as well as burning through hundreds of hectares of farmland and vineyards. Almost two-thirds of the wine-growing region has been burnt or damaged during the fires.

Multiple waves were deployed with up to 30 volunteers each time. Each wave was “boots on the ground” for a week providing similar services to those in Willawarrin. There is no other organisation as willing to roll up its sleeves to help the survivors of natural disasters.

Story behind the name

The op is named for the Flight Lieutenant Hector Roy Hannaford, recipient of the distinguished flying cross for outstanding service and leadership flying Kittyhawks in the Mediterranean theatre of operations in 1944.

News and Field Ops Reports

Bushfire Recovery February 2020

Disaster Relief Australia is now conducting concurrent Operations in 3 states including Cudlee Creek, SA, Cobargo, NSW and Buchan, VIC.

Community & Volunteer Reflections

Afghan Refugees Rolling up Sleeves for Disaster Relief

In December 2019, devastating bushfires ripped through the Adelaide Hills, destroying 86 houses and damaging around 160 more as well as burning through hundreds of hectares of farmland and vineyards. Following these unprecedented Black Summer bushfires, Disaster...

I can’t thank you enough

I can’t thank you enough for the fast and friendly response to our situation. I thank all involved for their efforts, a great organisation to support.