Foreword by Disaster Relief Australia CEO Geoff Evans

Operation Bayanihan (named after a Filipino custom derived from “bayan”, which means nation, town or community),
achieved its intended dual aims of fostering relationships to facilitate rapid entry into the Philippines in the wake of
future disasters and building the capacity of local relief agencies.
It also had a significant impact far beyond the training and practical assistance provided by the teams on the ground. In
everything we do, trust is the deciding factor, and the teams deployed on Op Bayanihan went about building it with quite
professionalism, patience and humility. Every Greyshirt reflection spoke of admiration for their Phillipine counterparts
and the Phillipine people.
There are many lessons to be learned from the operation, not least of which is the challenge of communicating with
host-nations and the time involved. There is much to be implemented that will allow for a more streamlined deployment
on the next opportunity which, following the strong relationships developed, it is anticipated will not be far away.

Read the full report: OPS-PAR-OP-BAYANIHAN