Spirit Award Member Sean Gorman

Disaster Relief Australia | October 2021

Sean demonstrates the best in all of us with his passion and integrity in all of his services to DRA and the communities we support. He’s a real hard charger and a good all-around mate with a heart of gold. He exemplifies this in his service.

Sean has been integrally involved with the 42 for 42 memorial project. He has turned up every weekend for the past 3 months and is on some weekends the only DRA member. From his leadership, he has encouraged close to 60 DRA members to help.

Sean is a terrific bloke who is always active within the DRT. He has an easy and fun way about him which makes him very well liked. He is quick with a laugh and a joke but as anyone who has seen him work, especially at the 42 for 42 memorial project, he knows when to roll up his sleeves to work. He is a machine. I wish I had 10 more Sean Gorman’s; this award is a fantastic way to recognise his contribution.

– Aaron O’Toole QLD South DRT