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Funding and support under Clubs NSW has allowed us to provide help and hope to countless drought, fire and flood affected communities. When disaster strikes, we often find there is a local club nearby ready and willing to work with us.

Through mateship and partnership, we’ve received an overwhelming number of donations generated from individual clubs. Meals have been provided for our volunteers on the ground and free room hire arrangements have hosted our incident management teams and community meetings. Clubs are often the central point for a community in distress to rally, with many opening their doors to give a community sanctuary, a place to rest, food and a comforting ear.

We’ve developed long lasting friendships within clubs, sometimes in regions that have been hit by multiple disasters. These altruistic connections can connect us with the right community leader, help us fix something and assist us in finding out who needs help the most. We’re forever grateful for the support offered by Clubs NSW.

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Their story

Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) wanted to assist in the Northern Rivers region, being one of the hardest hit areas during the recent flood emergency. Proudly supported by the New South Wales club industry, DRA were able to base relief operations out of the Coraki Golf Club.

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