Anne Thompson Inaugural Spirit Award Winner 1

Our new member recognition program was launched in June 2021. Called the ‘Spirit Awards’, our newest recognition initiative appreciates the work of our DRA members. Members who exemplify our core values of courage, mateship, endurance, service, tenacity, and respect can be nominated each month by their peers and recognised for the hard work and selflessness they embody.

Anne Thompson our first ‘Spirit Award’ winner

Anne (3rd from left in photo) has done an amazing job as LOGS for OP Corkhill Phase 1: (Eurobodalla) and also so far on OP Corkhill Phase 2: (Bega Valley). Anne is well organised and always puts the team first. During Wave 2, Anne wasn’t satisfied that the commercial food options were of sufficient quality so she cooked meals most nights for the team. She was also known to have done a coffee or a soup run to the teams out in the field who were working in the rain and wind and in very cold temperatures. Anne exemplifies selflessness and puts others first. She is an asset to DRA and the Canberra DRT.  She is a most worthy recipient of the member recognition award for June 2021.
– Michael Young, Disaster Relief Team Manager – Canberra

Anne is soft-spoken, unassuming and does not seek the spotlight. However, when there is a need for leadership, guidance or support, she was always there, and somehow we all just knew to look to her, and she was ready with the right words.

Anne always displayed the calm confidence I assume came from rectifying countless Army Financial Accountability ‘dramas and catastrophes’ that I’m confident she dealt with from Private to Major over almost a quarter of a century in uniform. From my conversations with Anne and seeing her in action, it’s evident that over the course of her life she has dedicated herself to the development of strong character, a wide variety of skills and deeply held values.

It was that character, skills and values, particularly service and tenacity that were demonstrated by her diligent and thoughtful care for the team on Corkhill Phase 2, wave 2. Every night, without fail, cooking not one, not two, but three or more different meals for the team of 8, to ensure that the dietary restrictions of all members didn’t preclude them from a hot, delicious meal on the chilli nights in Eden.

Anne has demonstrated these values many times before, over the waves of Corkhill Phase 1 in Moruya, where she resides. Often organising all manner of logistics and camp concerns, conducting damage assessments long before the four-day waves came to town and long after they had made the journey home.

I am proud to call Anne a friend, and fellow DRA member and I believe her example is one we should all aim to emulate.
– Warwick Lugton, National Training Manager