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Dominos Minds and Meals

At Domino’s Minds & Meals, its mission is twofold: Dominos is dedicated to supporting youth mental health and to providing comfort through the simple pleasure of a shared pizza during times of disaster. It understands that mental wellbeing and a warm meal can be powerful allies in navigating life’s greatest challenges.

As one of the largest employers of young people, Domino’s recognises the urgent need for youth mental health support in our communities.

Domino’s Minds & Meals aims to create a positive impact by partnering with local mental health organisations to help young people access the support they need, when they need it.

Minds & Meals secures funding through Domino’s ‘Round Up for Charity’ initiative. Generous pizza lovers who wish to support Minds & Meals partnership with DRA, along with other important Australian-based initiatives, are encouraged to round up their next Domino’s order when paying online and instore.

DRA is immensely grateful for the support offered by this partnership and looks forward to the opportunity to build more secure communities, as we are stronger together.

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Dominos give for good

Their story

Domino’s Disaster Relief initiatives are supported by Give for Good, which funds future preparedness programmes, economic recovery, resilience aid, and the management of a wide range of societal repercussions following a natural disaster. With this in mind, Give for Good will provide $100,000 to help fund Disaster Relief Australia’s localised Service Projects.

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