Operation Kelliher Flood Recovery Summary

Disaster Relief Australia | May 2022

Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) recently conducted its largest disaster response activity since the organisation’s inception in 2016. In response to the catastrophic flooding that impacted communities in Queensland and New South Wales, our skilled veteran-led volunteers got down and dirty helping with flood recovery as part of Operation Kelliher. Working alongside locals, our volunteers undertook hands-on help including debris removal, rubbish removal, mould treatment, clearing key access points and general mud clean-up.

Disaster relief teams in both Queensland and New South Wales got down to serious flood cleanup. DRA veteran volunteers led many new volunteers and locals from the Moreton Bay region in QLD and then Coraki, NSW, only a short drive from Lismore.

Australian’s answering the call

DRA put a call out for motivated Australians to help the flood recovery effort and they answered! Guided by our long-serving veteran-led workforce, our newest volunteers assisted with disaster relief tasks over many relentless weeks. Over 500 work orders were completed to help devastated homeowners get back some semblance of normality and begin the road back to recovery.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who came to aid flood-affected communities from March through May. Your hard work and dedication made a huge difference in the lives of so many people who were struggling to cope with the aftermath.

Volunteer Impact

What is it like to deploy in disaster relief? Hear from our volunteers.

All the reward I need
Take a leap
Use any of your skills
See the impact
Put my skills to use
True Heroes
Positive support through empowerment
Really rewarding
Passion to give up time for community

Between 5th March 2022 and 8th May 2022, Operation Kelliher deployed 714 volunteers, contributing over 25,767 volunteer hours, completing 526 requests for assistance, valued at over 1.4 million dollars in community value.

After 8th May, DRA began a break to allow staff and volunteers, who have been working tirelessly since the beginning of March, to take a well-deserved rest. During this time, we will be making repairs to and servicing our equipment, restocking supplies and assessing work completed to date to start planning for further flood recovery operations in Northern NSW. The road back to recovery after the catastrophic flooding events earlier this year will continue for months, and we aim to redeploy our disaster relief teams to continue assisting these flood-impacted communities.