Something Salvageable – Veteran, Kylie Baumback

Disaster Relief Australia | March 2021

kylie baumback ex vet dra member

Kylie Baumback ex vet DRAmember

Kylie Baumback: Front row, 3rd from left

As a child my family home was totally destroyed by fire. The memories and details have never fully left me, the traumatic feeling of loss linger in the back of my mind popping up every now and again to remind me of the intense emotional trauma. My own home fire had burned with such intensity that some items had retained their shape. I recall touching my saddle and it crumbling in my hands, at that moment my entire world stopped spinning as horse riding was my escape and passion. I don’t recall if there was a reason that we didn’t get to sift through the debris to find any special items that may have survived but I had always wished for the opportunity to find something to show me hope.

Operation Woods wave 4 gave me the opportunity to fulfill a long held desire to find something salvageable amongst the despair and ashes. I was privileged to find a ring that belonged to the clients daughter and the wedding ring of the client. I just wished that when I was going through the same process I had had an organisation like Disaster Relief Australia there to help. The sifting job provided the opportunity for me to find a sense of closure for myself, and hope for the clients. I am extremely proud and privileged to be part of Disaster Relief Australia.